Cardiff City v BearstedTalybont sports hall, Sunday 2nd September

Squad: Ramzi Barbir (4) (captain), Max Lloyd (1), Ian O’Sullivan, Matt Hurford, Aidan Dickson, Susan Belfourd  (1), Kat Smith, Elaine Potter, Kate Brewer Zoe Gabica (1).

Cardiff City lined up against a youthful Bearsted team for the first friendly game after the summer break.

Cardiff took first attack but it was Bearsted who took the first attempts at goal.  Ramzi started the scoring with a long shot 6 minutes into the game.  Bearsted replied quickly equal the scores.
Max and Ramzi both scored to put City ahead but Bearsted replied quickly both times.  Bearsted then edged ahead in a close fort battle before a succession of goals from Zoe, Susan and Ramzi.

In the final minutes before halftime Bearsted scored a running in leaving City just in the lead 6-5.

After a close first half, the second saw City’s ability to make succesful goal scoring opportunities dry up and Bearsted gradually pulled into the lead.  The score at final time was 7-11.   Thanks to Josh from Cardiff Dragons for reffing.

Bearsted went onto play Cardiff Dragons, the visitors took a convincing win finishing 11-4.

Cardiff City v Bearsted
Cardiff City v Bearsted