Coaching Team and Committee

2023/24 Season

Cardiff City Korfball Club is a not-for-profit community group run by volunteers.


Coaching Team

  Team Coaches
Kris Banham (Cyclones)
Kiera Wilcox (Mavericks)
Rebekah Vettasseri (Archers)
  Other Coaches
James Wilcox


Committee Members

Matt Morgan
The Chair exercises responsibility for the club as a whole, as well as directing the wider committee in order to achieve the overall aims and objectives of the club.
Chris Roberts
The Secretary is the primary point of contact for club members and other external organisations, and assists the Chair in the day-to-day running of the club.
Chris Woodhead
The Treasurer is the club’s master of coin – they keep track of memberships and ensure our club finances are in a healthy state in order to keep funding club activities.
  Fixtures Secretary
Emma Seeley
An extremely important role within the club – the Fixtures Secretary is in charge of co-ordinating matches across the multiple teams in the club, ensuring players and coaches have all the information they need and ensuring we are aware of any referee or jury commitments we need to meet as a club.
  Tournaments Secretary
Rebekah Vettasseri
The Tournaments Secretary is in charge of organising attendance at various tournaments throughout the season, including freshers tournaments to give our newbies more experience, and summer tournaments for those who want their korfball fix during the off season.
  Social Secretary
James Wilcox
The Social Secretary encourages a lively atmosphere within the club by organising socials and encouraging engagement from members of the club across all teams.
  Recruitment Officer
Kiera Wilcox
The Recruitment Officer introduces new players to the club and helps spreads the word about korfball.
  Social Media Officer
Jo Corless and Lorna Robb
The Social Media Officer is responsible for producing content on behalf of the club, providing updates to people within and outside the club, and helps with promotion of the club and recruitment.
  Fundraising Officer
Biv Matthew
The Fundraising Officer helps us find new sources of income for the club and applies for any funding or grants that may be available to us.