Week 1 – 25 Oct 2008

This week, two of the three City teams competed in the WKL. Cardiff B vs Cardiff Uni 1 & Cardiff Fury vs Cardiff Dragons.

Cardiff B – name still tbc – played against Cardiff Uni 1. A poor start saw CCKC B trailing from the start, but managed to equalise on two occasions; bringing the score to 2-all. After that, Cardiff Uni were lucky with their shots and managed to pull a 2-goal lead. At half time, the score was 3-5 in favour of Uni. Despite all CCKC’s efforts, the final score ended 4-7 in favour of Uni.
Scorers: Ceri (2) & Zoe (2).

The second match saw Cardiff Fury compete against Cardiff Dragons’ Fireclaws. Again, City’s team trailed in the first few minutes of the match, but the experience of Elaine (twice!), Gubby and Kat kept Fury’s hopes alive. The score at the interval was 4-7 but a pep-talk and good kickin’ up the bum (?) seemed to do the trick; the second half was far more successful. Fury edged closer to Dragon’s score. With less than 5 minutes left, Max scored the equaliser with a medium shot. With all the spectators on the edge of their seats, Chris finally scored his trademark long shot to win the match 9-8.
Scorers: Chris (2), Elaine D (2), Kat T (2), Matt (1), Max (1) & Aidan (1).