Cardiff City Korfball Club is pleased to announce player selections for teams competing in the Welsh League 2008/9.

Team names will be decided at training on 21st October.

The first Welsh League matches will take place on Saturday 25th October in Eastern Leisure Centre starting at 1430.

Cardiff City ‘A’

Susan Belfourd
Julie Bushell
Amy Holloway
Lauren Powell
Julie Prosser
Kate Saunders

Ramzi Barbir
Aidan Dickson
Kenny Harrison
Ian O’Sullivan

Cardiff City ‘B’

Kate Brewer
Zoe Gabica
Gemma Jenkins
Sally Martin
Elaine Potter
Holly Sisley

Rob Davies
Jack Newman
Ceri Jones
Stuart Wood
Tom Wood

Cardiff City ‘C’

Amanda Collins
Cat Crimmins
Elaine Dunlop
Angela Huckridge
Rhian Tomlin
Kat Trelawny
Susie williams

Pete Christensen
Chris Gubby
Matt Hurford
Max Lloyd