Cardiff City have two teams entered into the Welsh National Korfball League for the 2016/17 season. Some of our members, studying at Cardiff Metropolitan University, have established a new student team; they will be competing in BUCS this season and to accommodate them we have entered an additional team this season: Cardiff City Archers. Our other team Cardiff City Cyclones, have already begun their title defence with a comprehensive victory over Cardiff University 2.

The first games of the season took place at Cardiff City House of Sport, where Cardiff University 1 earned their first victory over Raptors 2. Cyclones followed this up by playing their second team and demonstrating why the club is the defending Welsh League Champions. At half-time the score was 20-3 in favour of the Cyclones. A flurry of changes in the second half slowed the scoring and the match ended 33-4.

Team Sheet: Lenneke van der Linden (7), James Wilcox (7), Jack Mitchell (6), Zoe Rose (4), Alice Hunter (2), Alec Care (2), Bivin Mathew (2), Edward Regan (2), Anna Burt (1), Nicky Beddows, Hayley Bondy.

City v Uni 2 1617