Next up in the Welsh Korfball League was the unknown quantity of Cardiff University 3. So early in the season there were plenty of eager players who were extremely unpredictable in their style of play. There were four debuts for Cardiff City as our new blood got stuck into the action!

The match saw goals for Jon and Dan on their debuts and it was a scrappy start with the students popping a few goals in during the confusion. City managed to get control though and we ended up winning comfortably 14-6! This win, with other results from that weekend, means that Cardiff City go top of the Welsh League!

Cardiff City:

Jonathan Bonsall – 1
Bivin Mathew
Daniel Weaver
Dan Pitt – 1
Jack Mitchell – 1
James Wilcox – 3
Cheya Tyson – 4
Julie Prosser – 1
Carys Weaver – 1
Alice Hunter – 2
Anna Burt
Katie Peterson