Cardiff City opened the Welsh League season by locking horns with the reigning champions, Cardiff University 1. The students have won the league for the last two seasons running, bringing their total to four Welsh League titles on a par with the four won by Cardiff City.

Cardiff University 1 fielded a talented team comprised of some newly selected Welsh international players in Rebecca Fitch, Niamh Sully, and Leo Comerford but we were up for a fight!

Our team had been training together over the summer, with newly returned head coach James Wilcox, and the squad fielded current and previous Welsh internationals, seasoned Cardiff City veterans, and a new face!

Cardiff City leapt in to the lead when the game began, and despite the whole match being a fairly low scoring affair, managed to extend a 6-2 lead by half-time. The students looked like mounting a comeback, when they brought it back to 6-4 early in the second half, but the experience of the Cardiff City players meant they were able to hold out see out the game without any major dramas. Every single player in the Cardiff City team contributed with goals to the 11-5 victory – the first time Cardiff City beat Cardiff University 1 since the end of the 2012-13 season!

Next week Cardiff City take on Cardiff University 3, a chance for our new players to make a name for themselves!

Cardiff City:

James Wilcox – 2
Jack Mitchell – 2
Alec Care – 1
Ian Russell – 1
Lenneke van der Linden – 2
Julie Prosser – 1
Zoe Rose – 1
Alice Hunter – 1