We decided this year that we needed to have another attempt at pub golf and see if we could inflict even more carnage than last year, so we roped in all the new players invited some members of Dragons along and decided to start the course. FOUR !!

Our first pub was The Wharf as this year we decided to do the Links Course and as you can see from the photographs, we decided to follow the lead of local golf clubs and have a very strict dress code of only golf attire allowed.

The course we chose was:
The Wharf Pint of Guinness
Old Orleans Cocktail
Rosie’s Pint of Beer
City Bar Bottle of Reef
Eli Jenkins Pint of Bitter
The Packet Pint of Cider
The Waterguard Glass of Wine
Terra Nova Double Shots
Salt Bar Pint of Water plus Bottle of Corona plus any finage

Let the games begin!

Max obviously went for the poser look when choosing his outfit which would explain why he was the first to incur finage – for being late, even though he was one of the organisers.


Helen was the organiser from Dragons and her and Max led the way for the evening.

Max & Helen

Ian and Rob decided that they wanted to dress the equally silly together:

Ian and Rob

Which became quite embarrassing when we bumped into a man wearing pretty much the same outfit as both of them – who we should point out was not actually on a pub golf evening!Ian and Rob carried on wanting to look like each other for the rest of the night – with both of them looking rather drunken towards the end of the night.

Ian looking quite special and also a bit lost without Rob ………

Lost something Ian?!

And Rob looking quite glad to have lost Ian !!!!

Lost something Ian?!

We also had quite a few new players to Korfball (and Pub Golf) come along, with Ffion proving to rival Kristina’s spectacular drinking of last year.

Ffion was the only girl who manged to down all her drinks all night !!

Kate getting into the swing of it

Kate was defiantly getting in the swing of things for the evening.

And Max managed to provide quite a welcoming committee for both of them.


Ceri had a tough time with his nemesis from last year – the cider …..


And brought reinforcements in the shape of his housemate Al !! Ahhhh boys when you are ready to make an announcement we will support you!

Sian and Aidan

Sian proved that she knows where the best parties are at by joining in with us all

Kate and Aidan

Whilst Kate proved that even on the “golf course� she will wear her high heels and Aidan is starting to look slightly glazed.

We finished the night in Salt bar with a bottle banging competition that resulted in many people drinking from chipped bottles and us almost being thrown out. We also managed to pretty much take over the dance floor for the rest of the evening as you can see below.

Getting worried about Ian’s sexuality

Getting worried about Ffion’s taste in men!A good night was definitely had by all and it was a strong start to the social season!