Climbing Max
Aidan decided that as much as we love the boozing socials – sometimes it is a good idea to try something different and this week we were attempting climbing !

Aidan, Kate, Ramzi, Jude, Matt, Max, Chris(from Dragons), Cath and Kate B all took the long journey up into the Welsh Valleys to visit the climbing centre and transfer our competitive natures to a wall and a load of ropes.

Max had to show off on the demonstration on climb all the way to the top of the wall whilst the instructor was looking the other way.

Not to be outdone – Chris from Dragons decided to scale a harder wall and plant his flag on the summit – only problem being he didn’t have a flag! Nice miming Chris.


The girls decided not to let the boys have all the fun and set off on their own wall with Cath and Kate B leading the way.

Kate B

Max quite enjoyed being in a harness …

Harness Max

Whilst Ramzi is trying to appear interested in something else.

Kate finally made it to the top of the wall after several failed attempts and a competitive bet with Jude.

Matt proved to be the dark horse of the evening.

Dark Horse Matt

Whilst Jude gave Chris a run for his money on one climb.

Chris v Jude on the Wall

A good night was definitely had by all. Thanks to Aidan for organising and everyone for giving it a try.