As the season draws to a close Cyclones look to maintain an unbeaten run in the regional league at home against Horfield. After a frustrating morning in the local Welsh league, several players had something to prove.

First attack, first score from Dunlop. Horfield quickly returned. Cyclones then edged ahead with several quick balls forcing errors from Horfield resulting in the first of the afternoons penalties for Cyclones, this was converted by Tyson. Horfield maintained composure and returned with a series accurate long and medium shots bring the score level and keeping the pressure on Cyclones. Tyson scored again taking Cyclones just ahead 8-7 at half time.

O’Sullivan and Rose scored quickly following the break, play was interrupted following a Horfield player collision with the sports hall wall! This allowed time for a substitution to be made allowing Wood to sub on for Russell. Play resumed and Cyclones set about taking control of the game. Several fowls allowed Rose and Tyson plenty of opportunities to practice penalty taking. The match finished with a convincing win for Cyclones 18-10 and smiles all round. Special mention to Cheya Tyson for 100% record in all penalty attempts!


  • Ian O’Sullivan 3
  • Max Lloyd
  • Julie Prosser 1
  • Cheya Tyson 4
  • Chris Gubby 3
  • Ian Russell 1
  • Zoe Rose 3
  • Elaine Dunlop 2
  • Stuart Wood 1