Match 4 for the Mavericks saw them take on Cyclones at a frosty Michaelston. After agreeing to play the game 7 aside, the game began. A strong Cyclones team, featuring a number of current and previous Welsh Internationals started out with a score in the first minute. This set the tone for the first half. A return to scoring ways after injury saw Ramzi gain a goal in a 20 minute run out. Susan orchestrated her section and both Ian and Max scored a brace.

Mavericks were playing with some structured rotating of the collect, and a number of attacks were effectively recycled. The only part of moves that was not present was the ball dropping through the korf. After more scores from Cyclones, including strong shots dropping from Chris, Zoe and Ruth, Graham dropped one from downtown and the Mavericks were up and running on the board. The half time whistle sounded 30 seconds later and the Mavericks went to the bench.

After some excellent coaching and tips from some of the experienced players, the Mavericks came out for the second half in good form. The section of 3, saw Ceri and Cheya combining for some well structured collecting, whilst Graham continued to shoot a number of narrowly missing efforts. The rotation of this saw Ceri gain a hat trick of goals, with both Graham and Cheya working hard to give the space and advantage. At the other end Kat and Dave scored with Charlotte and Rich both collecting and recycling shots.

The match ended Mavericks 7 : 16 Cyclones. All in all a good performance, with many good points for the Mavericks to take into future matches. The rematch against Cyclones will also be eagerly awaited.