A few people reading this website might be questioning whether Cardiff City Mavericks have played any competitive korfball this season! Well they have and Kate Saunders gives us a round up of their matches to date.

Cardiff City Mavericks vs Cardiff Uni 3

Mavericks were all geared up for their first match of the new season with two newbies Jenna and Tom looking forward to their first ever Korfball match. As the warm up started we were a little disconcerted that no one from the opposing team had arrived yet, but were confident that probably evening traffic was the culprit…..

However it was not to be. After half an hour of anxiously watching the sports hall door it was obvious that our opposing team was not arriving. So we set about a half court game that allowed us to test our new sections and see if we had matched up the right players with each other.

Communications issues were sorted out later and the match was awarded to Mavericks as a forfeit.

Full time score: Mavericks – 10 Uni3 – 0

Cardiff City Mavericks vs Cardiff Uni 2


Technically Mavericks second match but actually our first. The team was raring to go after our half court game session two nights previously. Tom scored 2 goals on his debut Korfball match whilst Rachel Knight equalled that on her first match back playing for Cardiff City after a few years playing for Cardiff Dragons. With a tall girl marking her Rachel was relying on what she called “her sheer animal cunning” to get the goals. As long as it works Rach… keep it up !