Rachel Knight updates everyone on Cyclones’ recent regional match against Oxfordshire.

It was a long way to go for 60 minutes of korfball, but the Cyclones made the journey to Oxfordshire for the Regional League very worthwhile.

Oxfordshire made a nuisance of themselves for the first 15 minutes, scoring three goals and causing the Cyclones to lose concentration and become frustrated. A cleverly called time-out by Captain Ruth, was all that was needed to inspire Cyclones to whirr into life. Feeds were cut, strong collects were put in place and a superb passage of play saw three shots being collected and recycled in quick succession, followed by a cheeky drop-off goal.

By halftime the score was 6-3 to Cyclones, with Ruth, Ramzi, Susan, Julie and Zoe on the score sheet. Rachel was subbed on at half time for Julie – part of the club’s policy of encouraging strength in depth across the whole of CCKC. It was great to see Stuart stepping up from the Cobra’s too, not looking at all out of place in this game.

During the second half, the Cyclones continued to exert their authority around the court, with excellent spells in attack, showing much more positive collecting and recycling.  The team was solid in defence with only a few fluky goals (including a couple from just inside the half way line – fair play!) registering for Oxfordshire.

Susan and Rachel both scored running-in shots past their girls, Ian veered off Chris to put away a drop-off from the back, and the Welsh internationals were popping them in from all over the place.

Final score was 15-7, although the ref lost a goal and called it 14-7. He was wrong! All in all, Cyclones showed their dominance, although it took time to settle in.

We didn’t see a ‘happy dance’ from Ruth this time, but we think she was fairly pleased!!

Cyclones Team: Ruth Campbell, Zoe Rose, Ian O’Sullivan, Chris Gubby, Susan Jones, Julie Prosser, Ramzi Barbir, Stuart Wood and Rachel Knight.