Kate Saunders gives us her view on the league class between the two Cardiff City teams.

The match saw a strong start from Cyclones, with a first few minutes goal from Ian O and several classic running in shots from Julie. Cobras were fielding some new players for their first match experience but with an uncharacteristic post knock from Julie, Cobras had an opportunity for a penalty which Ian Russell took perfectly. However, Cyclones kept up the strong attack with several good shots from Chris Gubby and excellent long shots from both Zoe and Max respectively. Stuart managed to bring Cobra’s back into the game with his own long shot past Max, whilst Mark almost took out the match reporter with a stray long shot off the pitch.

Ian R managed to provide the two comedy moments of the match. Firstly a nice head-but of the ball straight into the oppositions hand and secondly shouting “Nothing on, Nothing on, Nothing on….. YES THERE IS!”

Just before the end of the first half the girls of Cyclones showed their experience at the game with a good drop off from Susan and another long shot from Zoe followed by her own drop off.

For the second half Cyclones replaced Rich for Ceri and Corbras replaced Sophie for Susie and John for Ben. The Cyclones started with an early goal from Julie followed by a series of shots from the re-vamped section which just didn’t quite make it into the basket. Kat and Zoe also showed off their two on two skills under the post with some strong feed and collect rotation. Cobras got on the scoreboard for this half with an excellent long shot from Ian, whilst Max countered with his own long shot. Team Captain for Cobras Mark came off for Graham, providing some fresh legs against Ian O.

Charlotte encouraging more calling and more of the team going into collect to keep recycling the ball. But Cyclones were proving too strong for them: Susan scored a cheeky under the post shot, whilst Max brought his tally up to a hat-trick with a penalty. Kat also got on the scoreboard with her own penalty shot, closely followed by a penalty taken by Susan.

Altogether a good match, with a strong Cylcones team playing against the developing Cobras team.