Korflite is a great concept, and it has been executed brilliantly by the organisers. If the mission was to draw in newcomers to korfball and to remind old-timers about the many benefits of the sport, it has certainly been accomplished. To my mind, korflite has rivalled touch rugby as a competitive, fun and mixed activity over the summer months.

My team (the Knightriders), is comprised of 3 absolute beginners, 1 current korfballer and 3 players tempted out of retirement. The newbies have all enjoyed playing a different sport, having come from backgrounds of netball, basketball and canoe polo (surely not a more obscure sport than our own?!). They have quickly grasped most of the rules and shown their competitive instincts by scoring a number of goals and assisting others. Result!

The old-timers tempted out of retirement (of which I am one), have also been pleasantly surprised that returning to korfball is rather like riding a bike, without the saddle-soreness! The format of games, at 15 minutes each way, is just long enough to rack up decent score lines, and to allow teams plenty of time in defence and attack. This helps the new players to experience all aspects of the sport.

Roath Rec was an inspired choice for a venue, as it is a hub for informal sports action in Cardiff, and the sight of the yellow korfs and masses of people is certainly eye-catching.

My team is delighted to have come second in our original pool of 6, and after the first round of matches following the reorganisation of the pools, we stand top of the new table. Let’s see how long we can stay there!!

The korflite league has been a massive success. I hope that it will be repeated next summer, with even more teams involved. It has injected a welcome element of competition to a spell which is traditionally a little aimless following the completion of the serious leagues in many sports. Also, as a recruitment exercise, there is no doubt that the profile of the sport has been heightened and many of the newbies will look to find a korfball club for September. Fantastic!

Touch rugby who?!

Rachel Knight
Knightriders Captain