The second week of games and the standard is getting much much better, all the teams involved are thoroughly enjoying a weekly trip to Roath Park. Each week is providing everyone an opportunity for everyone to get socialising and do a little exercise. I am sure we would all be getting a little fitter if we didn’t have a selection of cakes to choose from.

Five years of watching korfball and it has taken me this long to get involved in playing a game. The Korflite League has proven a real success in raising the profile of the sport to so many different people. As the Reem Team captain I am having difficulty getting everyone some game time. The numbers in our squad have doubled since the first week and I am sure they will grow even bigger now the word is out.

Korflite week2

The Reem Team has only two players who have played the game before in Zoe Rose and Kat Trelawny. Kat returning after creating a life was back in full swing with a goal in the second week. The rest of the team has been persuaded and encouraged for years by Zoe to play the game and they finally bit the bullet. We have got a number of couples who have enjoyed playing the game with each other. We even have got a number of little fans on the sideline to cheer us on, and a team kit!!

The result of the second week were not great for the Reem Team and we struggled to score any goals in the first game losing 1-0 to Probation 2. Themselves a team made up of complete beginners. With the second game straight after our chances of winning were quite slim against a polished Dorkball side put together by Will and Jo at Uni. Their sharp shooting proved the difference with 3 goals in the first half. The second half was a much more even contest with Zoe and Kat teaming up for the first time in 12 months. 2 goals for Zoe and 1 for Kat made the final score 5-3.

With the final round of games in the qualifying group stages next week the Reem Team hope to start a little better and pull of a win that the players effort and enthusiasm deserves. Failing that a goal would be good!!

Thanks to CCKC and WKA for organising the league,
Ben Rose (Reem Captain)


Korflite week2