Cardiff Korfball would like to invite you to join its summer recreational league, the Korflite League!

The concept
• Played over 5 weeks from 15 June-13 July 2011.
• Recreational league of ½ court games
• Allows beginners to come along and have a go without the pressure of a competitive league.
• Allows retired players to play Korfball in a fun, informal basis without committing to a season-long league.
• Increase awareness of the sport by playing in the local park.
• Informal, fun, social league which allows Cardiff korfballers to get to know each other and beginners to come along and have a go!

The format
• It is proposed that ½ court pitches will be set up on Roath Rec on a Wednesday evening.
• Games will be played from 7.10pm – 9pm and it is envisaged that teams will have two games per night.
• ½ court games will be played for 30 minutes with two 15 minute halves.
• Rolling subs will be allowed.
• Referees will be provided from other teams.

The teams
• As this is a recreational league, it is envisaged that teams will not be on a club basis, but will be mixed. One of the aims of the league is to recruit new players – both university and non-university – and so all teams should be of a mixed ability where possible.

• There are two ways individuals can take part:
o Either enter a mixed team of approximately six people (three boys and three girls). Teams are encouraged from companies, or groups of friends with beginners in the team.
o Or, register your interest in playing and a team will be created for you! This will allow korfballers to be mixed up between abilities and clubs. If you are a korfballer with some new people who wish to try the sport, but not enough to make up a full team, then we will match you with other people to create your team.

Other information
• A social will be held at the end of the league on 13 July 2011.
• Games will be played regardless of the weather.
• Information will be available on
• Games will cost £1 per person per week. All profits will go towards the Welsh Korfball Squad World Championships trip.

What happens next?
• Register your interest or team with Zoe Rose, by Saturday 28 May 2011
• An introductory session will be held on Wednesday 8 June at 7pm at Roath Rec. This will serve as a chance for people to have a practice, and gain an understanding of the rules of Korfball if needed. It will also allow people the opportunity to meet their team and others!