The Regional league matches on the 13th November were just what Cyclones needed after the disappointment of the EKA Cup results. Back from international duties, Ramzi, Ruth and CCKC captain Zoe gave renewed enthusiasm to an already strong Cyclones team.

The first match against Bristol Uni seemed all too easy. Cyclones got an early lead and never looked back, eventually winning 13-6. With the sections mixed up compared to last year, the pairing of Ramzi and Max were complimenting eachother well in defence but especially in attack. And to help Cyclones to their victory, Chris shook off his cobwebs and enjoyed a hat-trick of goals.

Bristol City was always going to be a tougher opponent. This was reflected in the score; each goal from Cyclones was answered by Bristol. Will’s first appearance for Cyclones was stopped short due to an injury in the first few minutes. Eventually, Cyclones’ relentless attack forced the opposition’s defence to give away penalties. In the second half, Ruth’s pin-point shooting also slowly edged Cyclones in the lead with the match finishing 17-14.

With two victories under their belt, CCKC enjoy the top spot of the Regional League. Visit the EKA’s Regional League page for full match forms and scorer’s list.

The next competition for Cyclones will be on Sunday 16th January at Talybont Sports Hall against Oxford City and Oxford Isis. Bring it on!