Written by Max Lloyd.

Well last night saw the start of season social kick off in style with Pub Olympics. With it being half term and people away on international duties we had a select but perfect group of city players present. Everyone was allocated into three teams, Green, Red and Gold.

A series of pub events to test out the skill base of any sports club was install for the evenings entertainment and my god we learnt that several people had some surprising talents!

The Gymnastics round (picking up a cereal box with no hands off the floor) was won the Gold team, a very flexible Richard who as we found out can do the splits and completely blew away any opposition, eye watering to watch! ‘Get it down you Zulu Warrior’ event went to Red teams seasoned drinker Aiden and Ian has the largest mouth in the club (official) with 5 flumps taking the marshmallow event for the Green team.

The three teams battled it out with events like rock paper scissors event, the eating dried crackers round (think Ceri is still eating his now!), paper plane round, staring event, draw a portrait of max round (definitely missed your calling Julie!), balloon blowing event. As the rounds progressed things became heated as the classic competitive edge came out on a few people. Well done to the Red team winning with 24 points to Gold’s 23 points. Sadly Greens some what off the pace with 19 points (I would blame the engineers who could not make a decent paper airplane!)

A great night ended in 10 feet tall with lots of chat, banter and some special dancing! Thinking I got home at 3.30ish this morning, ouch!

Any other stories or news please let me know!

Hope all those there had a great night, for those who weren’t look out for the next social coming soon!

Photos coming soon.