Whilst some of you were sleeping off the hangovers, having breakfast or a good read of the Sunday Times, others were out running round the streets in the Cardiff 10K.

Well the times are in!

Matt ‘The Hurf’ Hurford out of 2189 people came in 58th with a great time of 35mins 46secs. Hurf you can run like the wind!

Now we talked in training about seeing how many people we could get under 45mins, well the answer is one person: ‘The Hurf’.

Seriously requires more training than we thought!

With too much enjoyment of life and not enough training I am happy to report that everyone came in under the 1 hour mark which is still a great effort!

Chris G: 49mins and 21secs placed 600th

Max: 49mins and 28secs placed 609th

Elaine D: 57 mins and 2secs 1260th

Ian R: 58mins and 26secs 1370th

Looking forward to next year and seeing a few more entries, it’s a good laugh and a great event to be apart of!

Half marathon next anyone?!

Max Lloyd
On behalf of CCKC