This past Sunday (28/02/10), Ceri Jones and Ramzi Barbir refereed the university’s second team Nationals, held in Tal-y-bont, Cardiff. The aim was to get assessed by veteran referee Dave Bond and hopefully pass their practical qualification.

Both Ceri and Ramzi refereed 6 20-minute pool matches in the morning and early afternoon, before refereeing knock-out matches later that day. As the day drew to an end, the best referees were chosen for the final (Birmingham vs UEA). Ceri was the main referee, assisted by Ramzi at the sideline.

Both enjoyed the long day and learned much. Both also passed their practical and have achieved the entry level of fully qualified korfball referees: Q-level.

Well done both!

Ramzi (left) & Ceri (right)

Refereeing the final