As the league rules had changed since last season, Cardiff City’s and Dragon’s first and second teams were invited to battle out the cup matches held in Talybont on the 20th June.

The Champions Match between the two first teams was played first. Both teams started level pegging with the lead swapping between both teams but never being more than a single goal. City’s defence was very strong (as it always is), but the attack could just not get organised and create good chances! Only a handful of shots were taken. At the half-time whistle the score was 4-all.

The start of the second half was pretty much a repeat of the first half. But this time City were creating better chances and it was only a matter of time before they scored regularly. Being 5-6 down, City got in gear with 3 quick goals to reach a 2-goal lead for the first time in the match. After letting 1 goal in, City scored another 3 goals on the trot to reach an unassailable lead of 11-7. With about 5 minutes left, City were confident of the win and were waiting for the final whistle. Just to prove that City were still in control, they scored a further two goals to bring the final score to 13-8, a resounding win for City!

Cyclones team: Ramzi Barbir (capt) 3, Susan Belfourd 3, Kat Trelawny 1, Jack Newman 1, Chris Gubby 3, Zoe Gabica 1, Elaine Dunlop, Max Lloyd 1, Julie Prosser, Ian O’Sullivan.

The second team match started short after, the winners being awarded the Plate. City’s performance was good and did the club proud by winning the Plate. A resounding two wins for City! Well done all.