Matt Morgan (Chair)
Chris Roberts (Secretary)
Chris Woodhead (Treasurer)
Emma Seeley
Jo Corless
Lorna Robb
Kiera Wilcox
Biv Matthew
Rebekah Vettasseri
James Wilcox


Meeting notes

Coaching plan update

JW gave an update to the committee on the coaching plan being implemented in the club. Some actions have already been implemented from this, however the coaching plan is still currently a draft. A survey will be sent out to the wider club soon and the document will be finalised taking the responses into account.

Fees and finance

CW gave a comprehensive update on the club’s current financial situation, and ran through various scenarios to discuss their impact. The committee discussed various proposals including fee changes and changes to club session timings and venues.

Committee agreed to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting on Friday the 1st of March in order to adjust the club’s fee structure.

Constitutional amendments

CR discussed some minor amendments to constitution required in order to back up the club’s disciplinary policy, and will look into any further changes that may be required (in preparation for the EGM or longer term changes for the next AGM).


KW gave an update on recruitment activities to date.

Beach korfball tournament

RV updated on current planning work. Provisionally agreed to hold the tournament in the Spring Bank Holiday weekend (last weekend in May).


Committee discussed social plans for the upcoming months.


Next meeting

March 2024