Korfball go Bowling!27th October

For the start of season bash and with so many new players to meet, get drunk and get gossip from we had to organise an interactive start of season bash. So we hit Hollywood Bowl and mixed up the teams with comedy bowling being the highlight of the night.

Confussed Ceri

Ceri seemed slightly confused at the start. And Susan’s dodgy demonstration of how to throw the ball possibly didn’t help…


Kate started us off with blindfold bowling with a little help from Zoe.

Blind-folded Bowling!

Whilst Stuart showed his forte with the ladies by roping in Claire and Sally for a three pronged assault on his pins.

That's got to be a strike...

Jude gave Rob quite a scare with a bowling ball and a baggy jumper


And Ramzi did some impressive between the legs bowling


Whilst Aidan took the opoportunity for a lie down on the lanes.


Once the bowling was over we all headed over to Terra Nova for even more drinks and a chance to have drunken conversations that no on ever remembers in the morning.
Aidan had no idea what Kate was talking about.

And Stuart and Kate B found our team photographer utterly hysterical.

We can’t remember who won – all I know is that it wasn’t my team (booo) but it was definitely a good night.Thanks to Jude for organising.