Matt Morgan (Chair)
Chris Roberts (Secretary)
Chris Woodhead (Treasurer)
Emma Seeley
Rebekah Vettasseri
Kiera Wilcox


Meeting notes


Discussed need to make the club friendlier and more approachable to new members –
recruitment of new members is mostly fine, however there are issues retaining new
members beyond the first few sessions. Some of these issues are potentially exacerbated by
the Tuesday/Thursday training split.

Committee agreed that there is a need for more socials. New members are largely drawn to
the club in search of a fun and social atmosphere which is not currently being provided as
much. Suggested the club would benefit from smaller but more frequent social activities,
rather than relying on big events and the large amount of planning required, and
encouragement should be given to grassroots club members who may wish to informally
arrange social activities without needing the club to co-ordinate. A regular pub quiz would
provide a good opportunity for this.

There is also a need to ensure new members are aware of who the coaches and the
committee are, and information for prospective and new members will be developed to be
included on the website, including short bios and photos of the committee in order to provide
clarity on who to approach for various things.


While it is understood that, as a team hoping for promotion into the National league,
Cyclones are a priority in terms of coaching and development, the committee agreed that
this should not be to the detriment of the other teams within the club, and there may need to
be some restructuring of the overall training goals and objectives of the club to encourage
the growth and development of the other teams within the club – there will be a requirement
to maintain Mavericks as a regional team in order to allow Cyclones to be promoted, and
Archers equally should receive as much (if not more) attention to ensure there is always a
supply of new and developing players to feed into the other two teams within the club.
Executive committee will arrange a separate meeting to discuss this.

Discussed the possibility to mix Tuesday and Thursday sessions a bit more, rather than
having club training and squad training on fixed days of the week. Will also look into
developing more coaches in order to increase the pool and reduce the burden on the
existing coaching team while also ensuring there is a good supply of people who can provide
continuity for the club in the event of coach absences/departures.

Player conduct

Discussed the club’s lack of a code of conduct and the detrimental impact this could bring in
our aim to recruit/retain members. Rebekah and Kiera will work on producing a written code
of conduct to be signed off by the committee.

Summer training

Discussed current plan to cancel indoor training session for three months over the summer,
where attendance is generally low. Plan is to hold outdoor training sessions, such as beach
korfball sessions, with the option of opening these sessions up to members of other clubs for
a small fee (players with monthly memberships will be free).

Beach korfball tournament

Committee agreed that the club should hold a beach korfball tournament. Planning to begin
as soon as possible in order to confirm a date early – possibly in May/June and ensuring
there is no clash with any Welsh squad training/matches. Also discussions on holding a two
day tournament with a traditional grass tournament on the other day in order to make
overnight stay/camping arrangements easier. Rebekah to scope options and convene an
organising committee.


Next meeting

December 2023