Sunday 15th October 2006
Talybont Sports Hall

Squad: Max Lloyd(1), Aidan Dickson(1), Sandy Booth(2), Alexa Young, Angela Rehal, Kate Saunders, Matthew Hurford(1), Stuart Wood, Catherine Stevens, Elaine Potter, Ffion Griffiths.

The first match of the season and for many second team players their first Korfball match ever. It was definitely a good start with City triumphing 5-2 over Cardiff University.

Max, Aidan, Matt and Sandy provided the newcomers with the benefit of their experience and also several impressive goals between them. Matt scored a stunning long shot that didn’t even touch the sides as it glided into the net, Sandy scored two solid goals one of which was a penalty, Aidan completed a great running in shot and Max turned a nice collect into an even better goal.

The newcomers also managed to make an excellent debut showing good potential for another strong year for Cardiff City Seconds. Angela managed to overcome her initial nerves to put in an impressive performance in both defence and attack, Alexa and Cath both proved their prowess on court with tight marking in defence and strong running in attack. Ffion was the gymnast of the court with her inventive use of the splits in trying to get away from her attacker and Elaine built on her experience from the Summer Tournament to put in a great performance in her first league match. As our only new boy in the seconds team Stuart put in a strong performance definitely proving his potential. There was also a welcome return to City for Kate.

It was an excellent start to the season and a strong debut for all the new City players.

Thanks to Josh for reffing us.