On the 6th Sept, the Welsh national squad trials took place in Cardiff. The coach (Dave Buckland) selected the team members and annoucements were made on the 7th Sept.

Congratulations to 6 CCKC players who were successfully chosen to represent Wales.

Ramzi Barbir – Cardiff City
Chris Gubby – Cardiff City
Ceri Jones – Cardiff City
Max Lloyd – Cardiff City

Dave Buckland – Tornadoes
Nick Wilkins – Birmingham City
John Williams – Northdowns
Kevin Jones – Manchester Warriors
Jack McNamara – Cardiff Dragons

Susan Belfourd – Cardiff City
Zoe Gabica – Cardiff City

Sian Hunt – Cardiff Dragons
Ruth Cambell – Bec
Sally Adlen – Birmingham University
Hannah Ager – Birmingham City
Rebecca Lewis – West London Wildcats
Helen Gubby – Cardiff Dragons

The next event will be in Stadskanaal (Netherlands) on the 7th, 8th and 9th November. Wales will play a warm up match on Friday evening against the hosts, then play a tournament on Saturday followed by Sunday’s international friendlies against Luxembourg and Slovakia.