By Max Lloyd 

Party on the boat!Meeting in the Prince of Wales everyone gathered with their hats in tow for the start of the mystery social (however, the biggest mystery is why our chairman managed to start at the Gate Keeper!) With no one knowing what was going to happen Elaine dished out the wonderful home made maps to start the intrigue! With many people not obviously passing GSCE Geography this caused more bemusement about where we were going and what the committee had in store for the evening. Led to believe only one person guessed where we were going was Holly (you clever thing!)

Leaving the Prince of Wales everyone made their way over to the Millennium Stadium and under the bridge to our boat for a private night cruise of the bay! Decorated in blue and white  the party started with a wonderful presentation of last season highlights crafted by Ramzi and Stu (click here if you want to see it again!)

Hats ahoy! Everyone made fantastic effort with bringing a hat but the ‘Best Hat Award 2007’ has to go to Duncan with his wet suit hat and Kate for her Irish hat. Kat’s hat game went down extremely well and got the evening off to a fantastic start.

Nice hair RamziYee ha AngelaJulie and Becky

In between drinking, more drinking and even a boat race on a boat (cannot beat that kind of novelty!) the cruise commenced with fantastic views of the bay by night and made a great setting for our start of season bash! Go CCKC!

CCKC on Cardiff Bay

Disembarking in the bay the party was not over by along way and everyone headed to the nearest bar. The hats did not seem to come off peoples heads as we danced the night away. Notably Ian was very attached to a cowboy hat! 

A few cheeky drinks the break dancing began and new friendships were formed!

 Stuart, Elaine and Pete

CCKC in Salt

Big thanks to all the organisers, a good night was had by all!