What is Korfball?

Find out about the greatest sport you've never heard of...

The Basics of Korfball
It’s a mixed gender sport with men and women playing alongside each other on the same team. Men and women can’t mark each other but you still have to work together as a team. You can’t run or dribble with the ball but the rules are not as strict as netball. You can’t shoot you’re being defended so you need to beat your opponent and get away from them to take a shot! This makes for a fast paced and dynamic game!

You can’t tackle anyone or take the ball from their hands so go for those interceptions as the attackers try to score before the shot clock runs down. There are no positions in korfball but half the team starts in defence and the other half in attack. A goal is scored by shooting the ball through the korf, which is roughly in the middle of each half so you can attack from all angles. Every two goals scored means all the players switch halves – attackers become defenders and vice-versa – so you get a chance to play both roles!

Korfball Through the Ages
A Dutch school teacher invented korfball in 1902 – so his children could play sport together fairly. Since then, the sport has been featured in the Olympics twice, in both 1920 and 1928. It was considered a very controversial sport because both men and women played on the same teams. Today it is played all over the world and on every continent: indoors, outdoors, and on sand.

Cardiff Korfball
We have teams that compete in leagues throughout the winter, as well as outdoor summer leagues and tournaments – including Beach Korfball. We are currently the reigning champions of Wales and competed at the IKF Europa Cup last year. Many of our members play recreationally, as a way to socialise and keep fit, but we also have players who have been selected to play for Wales. Whatever you’re looking for, come and try korfball for free with us!

We even had the BBC come to try it a few years back…