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Welcome to Cardiff City Korfball Club
Winners of the Welsh Korfball League 2013
Hosts of Cardiff Korfball Tournament
South Wales and West Regional League Champions 2013
Current holders of the Welsh Cup
Join us and try a new sport...

Player Profiles

Alec Care (Chairperson)
Alec CareAlec joined the club for the 2013/14 season, after discovering the sport at Cardiff University. He quickly proved himself a dependable team member and has since taken on a leading role as club Chairperson. Alec ensures the smooth running of the club from finances to posters. He is best known, among many other things, for his uniquely creative shooting technique and ridiculously coloured shorts which always look like they’ve been embroiled in a hundred years war in a Dulux factory.
Anna Burt (Secretary)
Anna BurtAnna plays an integral role as club secretary, after discovering korfball in 2013. She has been a stalwart member of the team and has even managed to bring along many other newbies to try out korfball. After a pub quiz at the Heath she earned the nickname Sergeant Burt through leading her quizzers (Sergeant Burt’s Platoon) to a comfortable victory over the other korf team, sadly not over anyone else in the pub quiz! She also earned the dubious title of “Worst Laser Tag Player in Wales” after scoring just 5 points and finished a solid 300 behind the next player… she’s great on the pitch though!
Alice Hunter (Treasurer)
Alice HunterAlice joined the club in 2013 as a Cardiff Metropolitan student and helped establish at team at the University. She has been an integral part of Cardiff City ever since making the leap from university korfball to regional league very quickly. Currently she is the club’s official Treasurer and supports Alec in his controversial colourful shorts campaign whenever she can. Famous as the easiest player to injure, in the world, although she is getting a bit better at keeping herself in one piece!
James Wilcox (Coach)
James WilcoxJames initially found korfball at a Wales Korfball taster session and joined Cardiff Dragons in 2009. He first joined the club as coach for the 2013/14 season whilst playing for Cardiff University. He made one appearance for Cardiff City in 14/15, before disappearing off to New Zealand for a year, but he’s back to lead the club to success as player/coach. So far the club is unbeaten in the Welsh League this season so things are going pretty well!
Jack Mitchell (Social Secretary) 
Jack MitchellJack joined Cardiff City in 2013, a home grown Cardiff boy who chanced upon the weird and wonderful world of korf at Reading University. He used to join us for training sessions when he was back home from university and since graduating he joined and became Chairperson of the club. He has now relaxed in to the role of Social Secretary and organises many nights out, karaokes, pub golfs, christmas meals, awards evenings… you get the idea, we love a good social! A staple member of the squad on the pitch and a character off it as well.
Zoe Rose
Zoe GabicaZoe started playing Korfball in 2004, and progressed quickly from having never played korfball to winning a host of trophies from Best Newcomer to Most Improved. Fast-forward and she has served two years as club chairperson, become one of Wales’ most capped international players, and has plenty of successes under her belt as one of the main-stays of Cardiff City.
Susan Jones
Susan BelfourdSusan has played Korfball since she was younger than most of us dare to remember, and it shows. She has probably taken more year-end awards than any other member of the club, and has coached both CCKC and the university teams. Susan is one of the top 10 most capped Wales players of all time and frequently appears for Cardiff City in the Welsh Korfball League.
Julie Prosser
Julie ProsserJulie started her korfball career in 2007 and, that same year, won Best Newcomer. She is also possibly the only player in the club to have fallen for the “initiation challenge” scam. In 2010 she stepped up to the mark as club chairperson and (knifing accidents aside) continues to be a highly valued member of Cardiff City, captaining the team that currently sits unbeaten at the top of the league!
Kate Saunders 
Kate SaundersKate has been a valued member of the club since 2003, improving her skills and being crowned Most Improved Player in 2008. Since then, having injured her ankle one too many times, the fear of missing a skiing trip has forced her to play an enthusiastic supporting role during competitive matches but is still enjoying training, the occasional match, and attending a mean social.

Ian Russell
Ian RussellIan joined City after having tasted Wales Korfball’s free session and in the same year received the ‘Best Newcomer’ award. His karate black belt just wasn’t enough, he had to try something more extreme! Good humoured and light on his feet, Ian plays with a smile on his face and a trophy on his head? Perhaps just on nights out…
Elaine Russell
Elaine DunlopElaine joined the club in 2007 and was swiftly promoted to the first team, proving to be a deadly defender and excellent in collect. She has one of the best running in shots in the club, earning her places in Cyclones, Cobras and Mavericks and demonstrating how in-demand she is by every team.
Cheya Tyson
Cheya Tyson Cheya started her korfball career in 2008 after attending a beginners session and hasn’t looked back since. She was the youngest ever Cardiff City player by a considerable amount of years and during her playing career she has received the most improved, best non-Cyclones female and Mavericks MVP award. She is also a member of the Welsh squad and has set her sights on becoming a full-time international player.
Stuart Wood
Stuart WoodRobo-Stu joined CCKC as a beginner back in 2005 and has not looked back. His steady improvement as a player, to the point where he regularly guests for the 1st team, has not gone unnoticed in the club. Off the pitch he is an essential part of the group, having spent time as both Treasurer and Chairperson.
Below are players who have now left the club, but are still fondly remembered…
Ceri Jones
Ceri Jones Ceri started his Korfball career in 2002 playing for Cardiff Uni. Over the years he developed into a key player for the 1st team and Wales, eventually reaching the dizzy heights of Welsh captain. Tall, athletic and armed with a long shot Ceri has all the assets of a good korfballer. His natural ability and insights into the tactics of the game are invaluable to those who play alongside him. He is still in the top ten highest scorers for Wales of all time.
Elaine Potter
Elaine PotterFancy dress queen Elaine is the first port of call for a free pint and any free cakes you would like. As one of our shorter player in the club she is deceptively sharp on the court beating the majority of her opponents to any running in shot or collect whatever their height. Over the last year she has developed into an excellent Korfball player playing to a consistently high standard.
Holly Sisley
Holly Sisley Holly has many talents on and off the court. On court she has one of the finest long shots in the club, dropping them in from around the half way line is no issue! Off the court Holly has a talent at fancy dress winning “Best dressed” alien at Sandy’s “Out of Space party”.
Sandy Booth
Sandy BoothSandy learnt the art of Korfball at Manchester Uni and has been playing at CCKC since moving back to Cardiff. 2nd Team Top Female Scorer 2006/7 season has been helped by her consistent finishing from her deadly running shots. Not just content with developing her korfball skills Sandy is working very hard at her welsh over the last year and it’s nice to hear it being used at the club! Llongyfarchiadiau! Cadwch lan y gwaith caled!
Pete Christensen
Pete ChristensenBasketballer Pete is a regular but sometimes korfball is second to basketball (awww!). He has played korfball previously for Cardiff Uni and rumours have it that he taught Ceri when he first started. He has a monster long shot but his speciality has got to be his round the back passes which seems to throw everyone including his own team! A very welcome addition to the Cardiff City.
Cat “Midge” Crimmins
Cat CrimminsWhere the hell do you start with a write up about Midge! Well here goes! Midge started playing Korfball at Bedford Uni, moving to Cardiff she was a founding member of CCKC and has held two positions within the club as Social Sec and our Ex Chair. On court she had created a reputation not to be messed with and has had an excellent season playing the 1st Team. Recently Midge seems to have taken her reputation to the bar and may I warn you – you cannot compete with the girl from the Ystrad!
Petr Fabik
Petr Fabik Slovakian Superstar Pete is sadly leaving us after a year of much respected play and partying.
From the onset he was a valued asset to the first team.
We will miss his subtle way of losing defenders -
fools even the best and scores long and short.
Lee O’Sullivan
Lee O'Sullivan Former Welsh Squad member, Dragons captain, TA recruit and habitant of Wales, Lee has swapped wet muddy Wales for a life down under and who can blame him?! Lee was a valued player at Cardiff City, being super sub to all our teams. He enjoyed a good run around and bossing his team mates… mind you, with his TA skills we all listened to him!
Angela Rehal
Angela RehalAs a new recruit Angela had a slightly nervous start to her Korfball career. Being an optician she has a real keen eye for the ball (sorry eye had to!) and the potential to be a great asset to the club. Hopefully with more week day matches booked for next season we will see Angela playing more often.
Kate Brewer
Kate BrewerHaving played for Bristol City Kate joined at the start of the 2006/7 season and has had a fantastic season playing for the 2nd team and was voted Best Second Team Female Player 2006/7. However, Kate chose life over korfball and went travelling to Thailand for a few months last year. She came back to Cardiff City at the end of 2007/8.
Matthew “The Hurf” Hurford
Matt HurfordMatt has proved to be an impressive player with his skills on the pitch reaching new heights and racking up the goals. On a night out he is always up for a few shots at the bar and on the annual skiing trip he is our French interpreter… although sometimes we end up with one too many drinks???
Marc Boorman

Marc BoormanMarc made an impression when he came on to the CCKC scene, spending a season as second team captain and later in the position of club secretary. With boundless enthusiasm and a dry sense of humour he was a welcome addition to the club on the pitch and at socials.

Aidan Dickson

Aidan DicksonAidan joined CCKC back in the early days of the club. He passed on the mantle of club treasurer and spent a while undertaking the questionable task of updating the CCKC website in his new role as the club’s Website Co-ordinator. We are struggling to fill the void of website co-ordination since his departure!

Ruth Campbell
Ruth CampbellStarted Korfball: October 2003
Previous Clubs: Bec Korfball Club
Favourite Warm up song: Swedish House Mafia – Say My Name
Pre-game rituals: Always wear an odd number of hair clips
Sporting mentors: Jessica Ennis, Marc Boorman
On the pitch I’m normally seen: Shouting “Feed” in my players ear/ forgetting one boot
Ramzi Barbir
Ramzi BarbiOn the court Ramzi has the lethal combination of an excellent shot and a quiet demeanour which allows him to creep up on you when you least expect it. As the league winning captain of 2007 he demonstrated his ability to lead a team to success. On the dance-floor he revels in being the centre of the circle whilst the rest of us shout: Ramzi Ramzi Ramzi Ramzi!
Chris Gubby
Chris GubbyChris is an ex-basketballer, a refugee from Dragons and has never looked back at these (at least we hope!). Chris is a goal scoring star – as long as it is indoors. He narrowly lost Sexiest Male in the club due to the newly introduced rule that you cannot vote for yourself! He also had a cheeky spell in the Wales squad…
Max Lloyd
Max LloydMax, Maximus or Maxwell won “Best Male Chief 2007/8″ and stepped up to being a full time member of the first team. Max gives 110% for everything he does, whether it be shouting at his team-mates, throwing a massive party, hiking or skiing down a mountain. Just don’t mention skiing into turnstyles…
Ian O’Sullivan
Ian O'SullivanEx-Welsh Korfball Chair, Retired Lothario and Resident Doctor – there are many words that can be used to describe Ian but none quite do him justice. He is our most enthusiastic SingStar participant, a stickler for the rules and always hosts a good party. On the pitch he is a team player and high goal scorer who leads by example and off the pitch he always has some good advice often shouted at the top of his lungs.
Richard Oyler
Richard OylerAnother prodigy of Willows High School, Richard is a dab hand at anything sporty and has taken to korfball like a duck to water. The former Tae Kwon Do champ is on the brink of the first team. Hopefully it won’t be too long before his two young sons follow in his footsteps as korfball officienados.
Dave Thomas
Dave ThomasOne of the original founders of CCKC, Dave spent a number of years in the wilderness, both as a member of Cardiff Dragons and then as a hired gun. The current season sees him back with a vengeance, and the skills that took him to “Top Scorer in the South West League” are still in evidence. Nimble on his feet and with an ability to jump unnaturally higher than he should, he continues to be a force on the pitch.
Kat Trelawny
Kat SmithBreaking many a male heart in Welsh Korfball, Kat Smith became Mrs Trelawny in 2008 but we are hoping that that ball and chain won’t be too heavy to stop her legendary goal celebrations. After first joining Korfball in 2004, Kat quickly developed to an excellent player whose ability on the court demonstrates that height isn’t always an advantage.
Jon Rowles
Jon RowlesA recruit from the summer Korf Light, Jon has taken to Korfball like a duck to water. His recent marriage in a far off land called France did not reduce his accuracy in front of the post and his regular training has led to large improvements in his game. Constantly learning and eager to make his mark on the sport, Jon can be relied upon to come off the bench and score quickly.